Who We Are

Smokin' Wheels BBQ Fusion Truck. Quite the mouthful to say, but not quite the mouthful you're gonna get when you eat at this fantastic food truck. Here, we're slingin' q with quality a mile high for the mile high city of Denver, infusing it in a myriad of mouthwatering forms for your enjoyment.

Smokin' Wheels knows that any BBQ truck worth its salt is nothing without those hearty meats. Which is why we're cookin' up pulled pork, smoked chicken and hotlinks low and slow over a pit for hours to ensure that smoky aroma and taste. Get it all piled high on a sandwich featuring a brioche bun and crisp pickle, or pile it all on a plate with homemade sides and even ribs. But the fusion's where it's at for us, including our signature Colorado BBQ Bowl piling mashed potatoes, BBQ gravy roasted corn, fried onion strings, green onions and bacon with your choice of meat. Oh, and we also have veggie options for you vegetarians out there, and we'd be remiss not to mention our homemade chili in a bowl or on a pile of creamy mac n cheese. Mouth watering yet? Good. Get the cure by finding Smokin' Wheels BBQ Fusion Truck on the streets of Denver, or invite us to cater your next event. It's a surefire way to some smoky satisfaction.